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Featured Jewelry of the Month | Sterling Silver Ankh Pendant

Happy New Year everyone!  This is the second installment of our featured jewelry of the month.  This month’s featured pendant is the Sterling Silver Ankh with a discount of $5 each.

Indochinte Egyptian Ankh Pendant

These Sterling Silver pendants feature 3 triangle tektites and 1 pyramidal facet.  The Ankh is topped with a detailed scarab bail.

Ankh Cross Symbolism

The Ankh is the ancient Egyptian hieroglyph of life. The symbol, known as crux ansata in Latin (“cross with a handle”), can also represent energy, zest and joy of life. Egyptian gods are often portrayed carrying it by the loop or with one in each hand crossed over the chest. It’s closely related to the looped cross that can mean life and fertility.

For the month of January take $5 off each Ankh pendant with promo code Ankh5. Add the pendants to your cart with the promotional code now through January 31st.

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